Our group of professionals work together to prepare tailored approach to selling your business. Everything from meeting with you to discuss your needs , making recommendations and eventually listing your business.  On the other hand, we have  a database of buyers who are always seeking quality businesses.


Meet with us  to discuss your goals or start by filling out our brief  Seller Questionnaire. Our expert team members will guide and support you through the selling process. Your best interest is our best interest, therefore with the objective of gaining knowledge about the business and what the seller is hoping to accomplish. Our valuation team will valuate and recommends the best Selling Price of your business


Based on the range provided on what your business is worth, you have a choice to list the business or not. We are here to assist and will meet with you and go over the details of the Business Valuation. If all is well, its time to list.


List your business for sale. We will ensure that we list your business for sale on very strategic platforms and websites. We would only bring you qualified buyers and only bring them after we have verified their ability to purchase the business. As part of our listing process, we will advertise and market your business for sale both locally and internationally


Meet Pre qualified prospective buyers. We will introduce you to buyers who have signed our NDA to ensure confidentiality agreements are in place. These buyers are further qualified to ensure that they have the ability to purchase your business.



Prepare and present an offer. We will present you with a number of offers on your listings, you have full control of who will succeed you as the new owner of your business. The goal is to find a buyer who will carry on and build the business, our role is to bring you buyers who will do just that.  Negotiate ensuring the best terms for you, we will guide you along the way.


Manage the sold conditional period with the buyer. Once you accept one of the offers, the Due Diligence period begins. On your behalf, we will share relevant documentations and information with the buyers. The buyer will have an opportunity to have them vetted   and make arrangements to finalize the purchase.


Close the deal and Celebrate