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Exit Planning

If Not now, when….?

Thinking of Selling?

Now that you are in the mindset of selling, you want to get the best value for your business. This is the business that you have invested time and money to get it to a great place, in the blue, great employees, profitable. Typically, a potential buyer will want to examine the financial performance of the business during the Due Diligence stage. He/She will scrutinize the viability of the business after the current owner vacates while looking for reasons to boost their confidence that this is a good buy or accusation. An Exit strategy or Exit Planning is crucial If your business is not at a place where a potential buyer will not have such confidence. This is a a process business owners undertake to get their business to a state of optimal value to receive top dollar when they decide to sell or transition their businesses.

Get top value by planning for it


Prepare your finances to maximize the valuation and cash proceeds received at closing. The first step to developing an exit plan is to prepare an accurate account of your finances, both personally and professionally. Having a sound understanding of expenses, assets and business performance will help you seek out and negotiate for an offer that’s aligned with your business’s real value.

Bring your investors in the loop?

Talk to the investors you know:

Approach your investors and stakeholders to share your intent to exit the business. Create a strategy that advises the investors on how they will be repaid. A detailed understanding of your finances will be useful for this, since investors will look for evidence to support your plans

Enable a Smooth Transition

The best fit from within:

Allow for smooth operational and management transitions once you have finalized your decision to exit the business.  Start transferring some of your responsibilities to new leadership while you finalize your plans. Ensure that your best practices and operational processes and strategy are documented ensure a smooth transition.


When is the Best Time?

When is the best time to let your employees and Customers know?

Ultimately the best exit strategy is one that best suites you with respect to your expectations and goals. You may elect to sell to an employee(s) or a customer if you want the current operations to likely remain the same or you may elect to sell for the highest value by targeting an acquisition or liquidating the company. 

Speak to one of our Exit Planing Specialist

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