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Business Valuation Tool

Getting the Value of your Business

There are many ways to get the value of a business. A valuation is used to:

  • Determines the economic value of a business or business unit.
  • Determine the fair value of a business for a variety of reasons, including sale value, establishing partner ownership, taxation, and even divorce proceedings.
  • To Understand if the business is trending inline with industry competition

Several methods of valuing a business exist, such as looking at its market cap, earnings multipliers, or book value, among others. Our inhouse valuation team will get you the best value based on information provided. To get the best value for your business please share as much information as possible, someone from the valuation team may call you to gather some additional information that will assist in determining the value of your business. Here are some of the initial requirements:

1. Seller’s Questionnaire
2. Recent Financial Statements (Last 3-5 Years)
3. Executed Lease
4. Articles of Incorporation (if applicable)
5. List of Equipment (To be Included and Excluded in the Sale)

Please give us a call to schedule a meeting if your Total Revenues is over $10 Million Annually

In the mean time, please fill in the info below to access our SDE calculator to get a value of your business: