Contact us to start your journey of becoming your own boss or to find a business that offers tremendous synergies with your existing business.  We’ll be with you all the way from start to finish. While there are many stages in buying a business, OntarionBx does all of the heavy lifting so that the buying process becomes easy for you. Here are some of the steps in our buying process:

STEP 1 – Begin the FREE consultations

Call us to discuss and outline your needs for a business. Our goal is to find you the right business.

STEP 2 – Start the Search

Start looking and exploring possibilities. We will introduce you to available businesses for sale. This includes working with you to understand the business in terms of financial performance, industry and market.


STEP 3 – Meet the seller.

This will give you an open carpet to ask specific questions about the business to the seller. This will help you understand if the business is right for you and if to move forward on making an offer.

STEP 4 – Make an Offer.

This is one of the most crucial stage in the buying process.  We will help you put together an offer to the seller by assisting with all of the necessary documentations and letters of intent to purchase.

Upon offer acceptance, we will facilitate the Due Diligence period. Here, you, your accountant and lawyer will have full access to any documents deemed as required in the initial offer for scrutiny and review. These includes financial performance records and legal documents. It is at this stage you finalize your decision to purchase the business.

STEP 5 – The Closing

Close and start living the dream of being the Boss